Sunday, 5 May 2013

RAVEN - Davion Guards finished

This last week the blog past 20,000+ unique visitors and sailed over 21k mark this weekend. Response to the MWO mechs has been awe inspiring and very gratifying to see some many people like something you've worked very hard to make happen.

By now you've all seen the PGI raven but this one is my personal model painted in the Davion guards scheme. You get to know a model very well while painting it and I think PGI did a super job in the raven design right down to the a asymmetric aerials, truth be told I didn't liek the redesign when it first came out but I've grown to really like it. I'm please on how all the lenses came out (of which the raven has many). Enjoy

Some stats;
The Arms go up and down
Torso Twists
Legs can be posed and glued into place
Cast in resin and weighs around 600g
14.5cm tall (1/60 scale, equal to the likes of Armorcast, Warhammer 40k, etc)
The aerials and rails were made from 1mm wire


Saturday, 4 May 2013

Too dark for photos - dang

Paint was finished on my raven this evening I just ran out of daylight. I thought I was almost done on Thursday but forgot totally about the rails, aerials had to be made and painted doh

Expect something tomorrow

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

While I wait for bits of paint to dry...

While I wait for bits of paint to dry and various varnishes to dry on the raven, I thought I'd show you the parts unseen;

You can see the raven has a hollow nose and on the torso parts the mirror side has MWO and the Mech name written. SMTK being my initials (just in case in a 1000years time some archaeologist unearths these)