Monday, 30 November 2015

Still alive just being a busy beaver

Not posted an update as there's nothing exciting to show. I'm continuing to assemble PGIs HBKs cleaning up the castings messy work and a lot of parts to this model. Hoping to get this cleaned up asap and on to paint as I hate all the dust in my office. I lost a few days because the temp dropped to below zero and the workshop leaks heat at too fast a rate, we had the mother in law staying with us, I was assured it would afford me extra days but I ended up being chauffeur/tour guide.

Fun facts: the HBK and all its variants weights in at 672g compared to the 479g of the Cent this is due to the fact the hunches make up a 1/3 of the torso and there's 5 of them. I had 3 moulds break on me during casting. 17kgs of silicone went into making (and remaking) the moulds.

Other than that the Leo thrusters (left and right) are coming along the intakes are machining now and just a detail piece left to go and I can assemble them.

Above the roughing stage, I'm currently on the 1st finishing pass running at 20% speed over night because there's so many thin sections the back is only about 2mm I didn't want to risk chipping anything and it makes no difference it if runs to 3am or 9am.

Friday, 13 November 2015

Leopard - Trusters

While I get on with casting the HBK, the extra space lets me also run the MDX-40A. I've started the first part of 5 that makes up the left thruster.

About 6hrs machining left remaining here.

I'm still searching for some one who'll either rent me or cut for me some boards widths needed for some of the parts. Google failed me I think it'll just be driving around to various workshops hoping some one takes pity.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Santas workshop

Now that the car is gone for a few months the workshop has tons more work room.

left to right;
Roland MDX-40A , Compressor, vacuum cleaner, Laptop, Bandsaw, Drill press.

When the car is in it stops just short of that line of underlay on the floor. I've raised laptop to save it from spills and accidental key presses which also claims back bench space. The shelves are deep and cast shadow onto the bench so I've added some rope light. I bought a tool chest topper for some nice smooth draws. I need to swap the bits'n'bobs rack to the centre of the desk so I can move the band-saw to the right to eek a tad more space. I want to put another hole in the work top to pass plugs/power cables trough so they don't have to go over the bench top.

Here's the casting station. 

left to right: vacuum/pressure chamber, vacuum pump, pressure chamber lid, drill for speedy sealing, moulds, resin, scales, spare vacuum seal and a heater (important for shop not to be cold when casting). On the floor I've put down some left over underlay to help with standing fatigue. I'm going to try an find a fold out stool because standing all day sucks.

In the future I hope to knock down the garage and build a much bigger one (with space for the car and a workshop) but for now its home.

hey a look whose nose is running, what? don't see it wait till I sneeze looks like something out of alien
yes I really where all that stuff to cast, except the ear defenders that's because the MDX40-A is running in the background. It's not fun to wear but life only gives you certain amount of body parts you have to look after them.