Sunday, 27 December 2015

Getting rusty

Throwing you guys a bone if you're still reading. Rust base coat is laid down. I have a new chipping medium recommended to me but I need to do some tests on that black junk torso you see on the right. I need to see if paint can be over night and it still come up and if masking tape will picking up the paint etc

Also for those that have sent emails I have read them I do keep track and I will answer you at some point.

Merry Christmas and happy new year

Monday, 21 December 2015

Lost a bunch of weeks to reallife


Any one waiting for news I sorry I lost a bunch of time to real life.

Long story short my eldest son (4years) was due to start school but admissions tried to deny his application. Frantic legal battle ensued to get it changed before the school cut off date. We won but it the only thing I focused on the last few weeks.

So as it stands I'm not much further. At some point this week I'll get some more photos up I did take some just now but they look a blurry dark mess.

Any way feels good to get to the end of the list. Off to the garage at some point to dust down and undercoat.

I've also done some admin I have some more shipping boxes (slightly bigger boxes this time too) so I can sort out my casts, see how many I have and if there is any extras left over.

Friday, 11 December 2015

Just alittle more and on to paint

So it was a lot of parts to rub down with over 36 pieces it takes a while to remove all the pour stubs and fill any dings. Resin sanding isn't the most fun job in the world the dust clings and it very fine I struggle for motivation. After that I test fit all the parts all resin shrinks slightly the bigger the object the more it'll shrink. So what's need it too dry fit.

Any parts that are having trouble fitting together I check for;
  • Snots (bits of erroneous resin) if I find I'll clean off 
  • If it's pulled out of shape (differences it thickness main different shrink rates) I put the 2 halves into hot water till the resin softens then squeeze the parts together under the hotwater till they marry up then run them under cold water to reset.

Then all the parts get the dust washed off them and the undercoat, then I glue the half's together. Then its final test fit. Any bad joins or gaps are filled/sanded I make sure everything moves smoothly and fits flush. Then the rest of the model is pinned and glued into their main parts ready of a final dusting and undercoat. I'm almost that this stage just need to work the hunches so they sit flush, some gluing, adding magnets and off to paint yippee.