Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Beavering away

Sorry for the lack of postage lately I've just been a be introverted.

I had and overwhelming positive response to the Commando. Yo many nice comment and emails from all over. No Guts No Galaxy were even talking about it (podcast:65 9.30mins in).

Its great to hear people talking as passionately about a subject as I feel. Battletech's had allot of re-scuplts which look ok but the market place has moved on light years in comparison.

Back to the boring every day stuff. I'm talking to 2 new printers I Just need to get samples from them for future projects. I'm hoping they will be better value for larger prints.

I'm also 80% done with making the moulds for the Raven I could of finished tonight but I ran out of silicone catalyst balls! Any who, I have some more on order but it'll be Thursday before it arrives and Friday before the moulds have cured.

I'm still hoping to talk to someone in PGI to talk about getting the correct permissions to produce injection moulded Mech models. That would be really exciting time for B'tech fans and probably a child hood dream come true for me hehe. Anyway its not as simple as a thumbs up for PGI there are few other players who would have to come on board too. But I have the means we just need the will :)

Monday, 18 March 2013


Well its been a wait, but here the first(?) fully painted and ready to rock Model from MWO.

(click on the images to get bigger versions)

Lets talk about the paint Job first. Its a scheme I never liked that is until I saw a catapult repaint in the MWO repaint thread I cant recall the artists name but he used muted reds off whites which gave the scheme a wow factor. I carried on that theme and use my favourite washed out blue. All that weathering really make the cockpit, decals and laser pop right out and the two are needed to give the model visual excitement.

My favourite parts are the little wire ariel on his back (There's a punch mark where to drill the hole for that) the blazing orange cockpit glass (MW2mercs homage "look at the bright side kid you get to keep all the money"), that big laser lens just looks pretty and number stencilled on his shiny metal ass give me a chuckle when I see it.

I guess I can talk some about the back story now. The idea for this started back in September when I found all the game models only problem is I wasn't a 3d Modeller so I spoke a a friend and see if he could turn these into paper plans. Turn out they would be better off been remodelled for them to work with paper. Then I started to think about 3D printing but it was too big of an ask for my friend so I started out myself very slow and very frustrating.

3D printing requires perfect mesh known as a 'water tight' for MWO purposes they just require something that appears solid. The two are far part from one another and its an eye bleeding maze to work out.

I was about 1/4 of the way through my first mech when my SSD drive went poof along with everything I was working on. For me it was a massive blow to moral. It wasn't until around Christmas some friends in Death Hands Bridge found a quick and easy way to pull models out of the game did I started to think about trying again. This time I decide to get some help and someone gave me a starting point on the commando, which gave me the boost to get it done.

"Can I buy one!" "SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!"is what my email inbox has been screaming at me. I'll let you know in time.

Medium term I've gone past 3D printing and thinking about something whole lot more exciting and affordable for yourselves. So many ifs and buts between here and there I keep telling myself if you build it they will come.. I love to push myself, to be better, learn new skills and surpassing ones limits but most of all I love a stompy ROBOT!

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Work has finished on the CMDO - pictures tommorow

So i have finally finished the commando today.

There's 2 high gloss areas drying out now its looks all milky when you first paint it on (panic) but it takes a few hours to cure crystal clear leave a nice wet glassy look a touch of paint magic underneath and you have a satisfying cockpit or lens to look at. Its hard to see with a photo because movement give it the effect.

Once the suns out I'll endeavour to get some photos that do the model justice to show you all.

And then it onto the mouuuuuntian of back log from really work to clear after having the week off sick. Then answer a few of the emails I had from yourselves over the last few weeks I did get them and read them I just had to shut out distractions to get everything I needed done.

Raven update: There'll also be something about it in the next week or two

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Slow curing resin

I have 2 pairs of arms cast now both came out with their surfaces tacky I tired heating the resin up before mixing and that didn't have an effect so I can only conclude that the resin is starting to spoil.

Not a surprise since it first opened in January but its annoying since I ordered 5x 1kg and not 1x 5kg like they sent me hoe hum.

Anyway its not that big of a deal I have to wait 24hrs to see if the parts remain sticky (for those that done know roughly resin cures enough to handle within an hr, Almost cured with in 24hrs and all reactions stopped with in a week). If it hasn't then I'll order some new stuff if it has i can crack on painting.

Good news is my fever seems finished up and to be honest after a fever like that all the other aches and pains remaining feel like heaven ^^

Quick update

Seems my second set of arms have cured nicely so I can get on with painting. Maybe the first set encountered too much mould release.


Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Raven and commando arms inbound

I just received a tracking number for the raven mech and the commando arms. I should be here tomorrow fingers crossed everything is right or at the very least the commando arms came out correct.

My plan was to pull an all nighter to get it cleaned up and moulds made models painted but I been down with flu for the last 5 days and counting every inch of my body is aching my son has the same thing which he gave it to grandma and now my wife's start to feel sick soooooo I'll aim to work as hard as I can to finish the commando post it up and work on the raven as and when.

Now excuse me I've got to go work out which end to point that the toilet first. :)

Friday, 8 March 2013

Cmdo progress II

So i spoke to my printer likely hood is my raven will ship 14th March which includes the Cmdo's arms.

However I have 99% finished the Cmdo's paint job (less a few bits) however I'd just like to have it complete before posting full pictures. I'd hoped they'd be here by now...

I don't wish to be cruel and talk about how awesome the paint jobs looks and not show you anything so heres a quick composite pic.

The cockpit will need to be glazed but I can only do that after a final matte seal coat has gone on and I'm waiting for a few bits to dry before that can happen.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Commando - Paint underway

Here's what happened today;

I went with the Davion Guards I muted all the colours in the scheme the blues washed out and the red is earthy the white is off white and it'll settle down more with weathering (see those elementals). I tired to be very light with paint coat to let the base show through. Why the new Davion Guards well I wanted white to paint its that simple.

The legs are glued. I aped the pose on the MWO concept poster which is easily achievable with the joints I designed for mech (articulation in the ankle, knee and hip). One could go for a more extreme striding pose but my patience doesn't equal the amount of fiddly glue time it what take to do that.

You'll see some more updates over the week as painting goes on

Some details
Height: 14.5cm or 5.75inchs
Weight: Estimated 120grams/4.2ounces with forearms
Free moving articulation: Elbow, Shoulder, Waist
Glued articulation: Hips, Knees, Ankles
Design time: 3months
Moulds: 16
Casting time per mech: 6hours

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Commando Update

Even though I'm still lacking arms I've cleaned and base coated what I have so far;

I haven't glued the legs on yet to make painting easier so excuse my fingers.  I popped the HBK in there to give the idea of scale. Its a cracking looking mech for sure I change my mind daily as to what paint scheme I'm going to use.Two tone browny orange and sand or Fed com White Blue or Fedcom Blue white and red centre stripe..??..??

 Fed com might be an issue when I want to put the raven the same lance :/

 So a little Sarna-fu  show that I could use the raven in a Fedcom lance yay so with that in mind which one of these? (I'm leaning to the right.)