Friday, 12 December 2014

Sandable primer onto the leopard

So first sand is done (all the blue finder coat off) now its onto 2 steps of sandable primer. This is a primer/filler mix gets sprayed on then sanded back with 400git this should fill any pits on the surface.

Again this is just loose fitted together resting on its belly (no landing gear) with some TT models for scaling.

I probably do two coats of the thicker surface primer and a 3rd/4th for any trouble areas to get a good smooth surface then a final spray with finer finishing grade primer and 1000grit buff down and we should have a good surface finish. I also have to finish some of the trickier areas (like the intake ribs) using a dremel and buffing bit since there isn't enough room to work with sand paper or a needle file.