Saturday, 22 March 2014

One, two, three centurion

Stages of casting,

Sorry for the blurry phone cam but i grab these while I work. My nose has been in work, house improvements and this some of you have emailed or messaged me I'll try to answer those questions soon.

Not going to rush (I'm too old and tired) so it'll be a week or so it'll be ready for paint. I want to make another one for myself so i can basic assemble them together and get all the messy bit done in one shot.

Really itching to get this one posed and see 7months of work standing in front of me!

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Dragon for me

While I thinker sand and buff the centurion I decide I might as well do my dragon at the same time while waiting for things to dry.

The surface quality of the dragons print was meh, something not 100% apparent till I already made moulds. So the edges need rubbing down and the flat surfaces need some Mr. Surfacer and a once over with 400grit.

That done the clam shell peices are put into very hot water and left to soften before putting them together and squeezing them tight and holding them under cold water to harden again. This is an old trick for 2 piece resin parts to get a good tight seam. The fine gaps are then puttied and rubbed smooth.

Here we are with a base coat down and masked up for paint, with a nice spring sunset in the back ground.

There's one more step I'd like to add which is a bit of red paint Draconis snake on the leg. Once the
Davion Guards colours go on I hope to have the Drac logo showing through to add a little interest.

And in parts for easier time painting.

I still have a spare dragon left over  if some ones interested in it, when its gone its gone.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Cent clean up done

So I've cleaned the centurion up there still a little light sanding to be done

I put down a 'finder' coat because working on clear plastic you can miss things but it also shows how nice this bad boy looks. Sitting loose on the desk.

You can see all the barrels LBX, Gauss, Laser, UAC5 tip, AC10 tip and the AC20 in place. I bought some 3mm magnets I plan to leave the barrels unglued so they can be hot swapped. Only 1 shin and foot because they match and I'll just take 2 moulds of these. The missile doors and rear of the gun bits are they're in a baggy for safe keeping.

Taking my time to see this one right my next update will be once I've cast it it resin and it'll look much like this but glued together.