Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Getting branded - mixed results

My branding Iron showed Up today

It works really well on paper but crap on plastic or resin ho hum. The idea was to use it to sign my work. Looks like it'll just be a novelty for now. Maybe I'll have to make some wooden mechs ^^

the size is about 15mmx20mm

Friday, 22 June 2012


As promised here is the Highlander all painted up. (although i just realised I forgot to take the 45degree angle shots will update later)

The first of my laser cut parts the bulk of this build really came together fast which meant I could spend extra time adding details and tweaking things.

Its also my first foray into scribing which you can see on the thighs and left arm. I've learnt a lot more about model making on this build I still finish everything by hand. With my new workshop I'm hoping to have a few more tools that will help make cleaner lines and more intricate designs the added bonus is the shop is next to the house so no long treks back and forth during casting runs.

Whats next well probably don't expect too much till July/August. Maybe a new mech or I might revisited an old one.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Highlanders loading to their respective Dropships

Wee finally finished all the highlander castings (Took longer than I hoped do to a 10day delay in supplies). Those who have pre-ordered your highlanders should be outbound on their dropships tomorrow (Friday 22 June 2012).

Yes the spaceport has a dirty beige carpet (that's what happens when your office is also your workshop. Besides we're moving house next week :P) Some of you might have noticed there's 7 highlanders. One would be mine, five are pre-orders and one is going to be squirrel away for my son once he'd old enough to appreciate how awesome daddy is.

I'm hoping his reaction upon opening will be this;

rather than this;

I'll be posting some closes ups of my highlander once I get the chance (i.e. after I clear my desk of all these coffee cups). She's all painted purrty in the SMTK signature blue and tan with lashings of future grime.

Monday, 18 June 2012

Highander Update

18th June 2012 - Finally my resin order arrives today so i can get back to casting you'll some highlanders.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Getting Branded

Quick update;

  • Waiting for resin they've promised me latest Tuesday dispatch.
  • My Highlander paint is going well. (despite an exploding airbrush hose!)
  • And I've ordered a branding iron from shapeways to mark my models;

No bad for a 5min quickie photo shop logo. You can check out the custom branding irons from shapeways here

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Mobile field base - Kotobukiya kit

Some people have asked me about the trailer in the previous post. It's made by Kotobukiya, Trailer Base 003 from the M.S.G line. Its a really nice kit very well made and good value.

It makes a great MFB close to 1/60 scale the Gatling gun and missile launcher easily pass for a RAC5 and SRM6/MRM6.

I painted it dirty white with hazard stripes. It was a quick afternoon paint job.

Sneaky highlander update.. shh
Been waiting for some more resin (on back order) plus there was a gap in the rain so I could base coat my own highlander. I'm really liking the Heat sink detail looking forward to painting some drippy oily residue running from it :D (sad I know, don't you judge me :P)

Saturday, 2 June 2012

5 Highlander orders placed

Good news! I've sold the fifth highlander today so I've placed an order for the casting supplies however it's a 4 day holiday in the UK due to the Queens jubilee so the supplies won't arrive till Wednesday BOO!

But i do have some of the mirror part (feet, ankles, Shoulders, right arm) already moulded so I'll get a head start casting those. I'm not 100% sure on a ETA but I should be shipping mechs by the end of the month (hopefully sooner).

For those who haven't ordered in time I will still take highlander orders I wont be able to cast any extras till some point late July since I'm moving house at the end of June.

Good news is the house has a workshop attached (I borrow one at the moment) and I'll be able to have all my tools in one place plus a few new tools they'll make modeling much easier for me. I just need time to set everything up and settle my family in.