Friday, 30 November 2012

Hunchback Assembly notes and the HBK IIC

 Some Hunchies might be landing with their new owners around about now (the rest are almost done) So I thought I would give you some tips to get the best out of them.

Hunchback Assembly notes;

  • Please be careful removing pour spouts esp on the CBT forearm and CBT Bicep. My advice is to use a small hack saw or razor saw to cut the bulk off then use a file or sand paper to bring it flush.
  • For the perfect alignment of the arms you will need to heat the end of the bicep (hot water or a hair dryer) put it in the torso and gently bend arm till it's in the right position. Don't go mad with heat warm to hot is good enough in most cases
  • The forearm to bicep joints were deliberately left slightly loose because with painting they will get tighter.
  • The bicep to forearm pin only needs gluing on the outside to retain articulation
  • The bond on the ball joints once glued is incredibly strong! Make sure you happy with the pose before the glue sets too hard because (as i found) those parts will not come apart
  • Make sure you wash to parts in soapy water before painting to take off the release agent.

In other news -

Say hello to Bam Bam Pam;

 I've only made slooooooooow progress because I've been busy casting and rebuilding PC but I'm almost ready to glue on the AC20 and fill in all the gaps. I'm toying with the idea of modding the body some more too. Filling in the centre and maybe replacing the medium laser barrels with those off the CBT arms.

If you really want one I'm happy to cast it on the proviso that there 5 pre-orders and even then it probably wont dispatch till the new year ('cause I'm tired of being out in the cold garage for hours).

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Quick touch base

Hi guys

Just to let you know I'm working through orders now hopefully everything will be out by the end of the week.

In other news my PC took a dump when my 6month old SSD drive failed (Touted as bullet proof, aparently not according to the amount of 'failed drive' posts on their forums). I lost most of what I was working on for the last 6months because my PC wasn't backing up files correctly. Hoe hum woe is me.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Heres progress

Here's casting progress about 1/3 of the way through

You've probably noticed the different colour resin I ordered a few different types to see if i could find something better so far regular beige is the easiest to work with.

Friday, 9 November 2012

Hunchie casting under way

Just a quick update for those that placed orders. I been casting all day I've gone through 5kgs of resin and have some more on order. Hoping to get it all finished and shipped by the end of next week.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Finished Model gallery

If you ever want to see all my finished models in one place you can do so here;

I also made a montage of the production cycle.

MW4 Hunchback MK2 complete

MW4 Hunchback MK2 complete

Click to enlarge to size

Armorcast Atlas for scale comparison

Monday, 5 November 2012

All November build slots filled

All the November Hunchback build slots are filled orders our now closed.

If you still wanted one or any of my other models don't worry you still can. But they will be cast at start of December.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Debut of CBT-est Hunchie

So I've literally just finished casting the CBT arms (honestly the resin still soft :P) and popped them on my spare torso legs to get a photo to show you guys. Minimal clean up and just tacked together with super glue.

In other news. I'm getting killer progress on painting the MW4 hunchie. Some shading, some weathering, a few decals and it's about there.

Huncback Orders

So far I have 4/5 order requests Invoices will go out shortly. Once i get 5 I'll crack open the resin and start casting.

If you want to get in the first batch let me know.

I'm waiting the the CBT arm moulds to cure at the moment they should come out later today. While that's happening I've laid some colour down on the HBK.

I've have some more stenciling to-do then i can get on to the brush work. Here you can see how it scales to the highlander and the old 1/43scale HBK behind it.

Friday, 2 November 2012

Hunchback pricing and info

Hello Guys

Right then I've sat down and worked out what the Hunchback has owes me and what it will cost to make each model.

  • £75.00 for the MW4 version ($121.00/93.00)
  • £78.00 For the CBT-est version ($125.50/€97.00)
  • Postage should be approximately £15 to £18

I'll be taking 5 orders at first. But don't fret if you miss out I'll taking more in December. I do it this way so I don't get swamped with orders and gives me time to paint my own, cuz you know its not finished till its painted 

If you would like one you can contact me at this address please title your email HUNCHBACK ORDER

You probably wondering why it came out almost as much as the Highlander. I can assure you the truth is the resin isn't the expensive part its the Silicone moulds that really amp up the costs. And for the Hunchback I needed to make a number of extra moulds to make blank parts which would go on to become left and right handed. There's also only 2 mirrored parts on the mech (foot and bicep) which results in more moulds. This means the HBK used as much silicone as the highlander the up shot is the Huncback is rich in details.

So on to the model features;
  • Stands 18cm (7.1inches) which is bang on 1/60 armor cast scale
  • 415grams of resin
  • the MW4 version comes in 16 parts. 
  • the CBT-est comes in 20 parts. 
  • Most parts have locator pins, buttons or sockets to aid assembly. 
  • The legs can be posed at the ankle and hip.
  • the arms can be posed at shoulder and elbow.
  • the torso rotates at the hip and is tight enough not to need gluing. 
A little about why i love the Hunchie;
           The hunchback to me follows the philosophy of American muscle cars of the 60's. Drop a big block V8 in a small car and get something that upsets class balance. Its a super fun mech to play in table top for that reason. When you drop that big AC20 and the other guys going to feel it even if hes bigger and meaner.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Putting some paint down

Just put down a base coat for the HBK. My wife likes this stage she says i should leave it that colour but to me its just a base coat that will help me weather the model later although I admit it does look cool.

Lack of light called and end to play for today but tomorrow I hope to get some color down.

Also expect details on pricing tomorrow.