Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Back to mech stuff - Painting

I love painting.... but i could kill the inventor of airbrushes. 5hrs of cleaning but i got it working in the end ^^

So Davion guards I have a raven and commando now the cent and dragon will complete the recon lance. Base coat is down just need to tidy up some of the over spray.

Unwrapping the masking tape feels allot like Christmas :)

Friday, 4 July 2014

Somethign defferent - Toy for my son (that he can have now instead of 10years)

Here the timeline from my personal face book page;

So at My son's nursery they have these wooden trucks  big enough for a 3/4year old to ride on. Thomas is mad about them but they cost £120. Since i recently bought a chop saw I decided I could build my own for less and much cooler looking using the same materials. I decided on aims; it would be tough enough to last 100years, Appeal to a child's idea of what a truck looks like and simple design and resist the urged to add detail.

The second pic is the roughed out 3D design I came up with. Once the wood shows up and I know whats sizes I have I should be able to build a scale 3d model and get started.

Nostalgic for me as a child I'd spend Sundays building wooden toys with my grandfather.

So once I knew the sizes of the maple i could buy and what size the casters i could use, I redrew my design to scale and added added the colour scheme.


 Once the wood arrived i chopped everything to length. This is where i found out my chop saw doesn't really cut straight lines ho hum.
First I got the chassic up and rolling and then placed all the blocks out to see how it was shaping up.

There was about 2 weeks of doweling, screwing, plaining and sanding to get us to this point

Then is was onto painting which was helped by the great weather we had here.

And the finsihed product with its happy new owner. It ended up costing the same but mine used more wood,  better parts and was painted but defiantly cooler!