Tuesday, 24 January 2012

A Thor is born

The Summoner or Thor to all you free-births has always held a spot in my imagination since Nicolai Malthus first uttered the words 'enhanced imaging enabled'

There wasn't a MW4 Thor for download on MW3.org so i chose the MC2 version and ninjad the PPC arm off the MW4 Madcat, made my own feet, AC arm and Missile rack;

Heres some photos

It was a fun project and a good introduction to scratch building. Styrene + plastic weld is so nice to work with you end up with a really strong model however I would recommend .75mm or .5mm styrene 1mm is a chore to work. Painting feels very easy to paint on this scale too compared to 25mm.

In hind sight I'd use .75mm thickness sheets and would of used a Stanley knife from the start (craft knifes I had all broke!). Bought a finer detail airbrush and not used light coloured weathering powders.

Anyone wanting to have a go themselves I'd say jump in! And here’s a list of what you'd need

The build;
Styrene Sheets 1mm, .75mm and .5mm
Styrene extrusions tubes, squares, rectangles
Plastic weld or polystyrene cement (super strong glue that chemically welds the plastic together)
Natural hair brush for the above
Metal ruler
Stanley knife (AVOID craft knifes they don’t work on styrene)
Green stuff modelling putty (for filling/smoothing joints)
Foam sanding block
Emery nail filing board (pack)
Good pair of scissors
Small hack saw
Safely glasses (you only ever get 2 eyes! Use for gluing sanding and cutting)
Dremel with burring bit and cutting edge (optional) I used mine to chop off bad sections and battle adding damage
Hobby vice (optional) save those fingers

Games workshop undercoat
Games workshop purity seal (matt gloss)
Fine detail hobbyist air brush
Base colour acrylic (dark red in this case)
Top colour acrylic (dry brushed over darker base, red in this case)
High light colour acrylic (orange in this case)
Shadowing Ink/wash (dark brown in this case)
Black acrylic
Silver metallic acrylic
Black weathering powder (warning PITA to use!)
Assorted brushes
Foam kitchen Sponge (to chop up)
Masking tape
Clear vinyl sticker paper (for printing decals, you have to paint a white mask under them first)

Google for painting guides/tips for free
Games workshop Painting guides for newbies
Forge world Imperial Armour Model Masterclass Vol.1 for advanced painters
Patience and practice

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