Sunday, 19 August 2012

Hunchback Build progress

I thought I'd throw in an update on how my next build is going

As you can probably tell its a hunchback (don't be thrown by the parts on the far right that's for another mech). Why am I making a hunchback again?

  • The first one (lets call it the MK1) was off on scale and I'm anal about scale 
  • The MK1 was atmosphere moulded which means you can't pressure cast it.
  • And I feel i can make a better model with the new skills I have learnt. (bearing in mind the MK1 was my 2nd model)
I hoped to be further along at this point but I ran out of milliput need to fill the voids within the parts to make them strong enough to be vacuum moulded. Ideally I'd use Aves sculpt for everything but the fact is its hard to get in the UK and the price is 25% more expensive gram for gram than milliput. I still use Aves for the outter/final putty coats and the millput for bulking out

Hopefully this should last me for my next 2 mechs.


  1. Is it still going to be the MW4 Hunchie, or more the classic TRO one?

    Either way, I am going to be compelled to order a cast of it :D

    1. The intention is to make both and the IIC version. I'll try to make a TRO styled head, arms and a left shoulder AC20.

      So in theory you could make a; MW4 HBK, TRO HBK or HBK IIC

      The torso/legs will stay the same for all versions