Friday, 5 April 2013

Raven: Cleaning up parts today

I have a whole raven cast now I've started on the clean up which begins with trimming all the flash and poor stubs off using such advanced tools as a Stanley knife, side clipper and a razor saw (micro hacksaw)

It starts to get very messy and dusty from here in (my kingdom for a heat work shop to move into). I'll do some preliminary sanding on mould slip lines then work in some putty with a final sand once that's cured. Then it'll good for assembly and wee bit more filla and a base coat.

Worth also stating resin dust is dangerous wearing a mask is a good idea, if you're sanding larger sections try to do it outside, use a vacuum cleaner to clear up with, wipe surfaces with a damp cloth, sanding the part in water is also another way of stop dust getting into the air. Use a clipper or blade to remove excess and finish with sanding.

I cant say I always follow those guide lines but I do make a point of thoroughly cleaning my office once I'm done and try to keep sanding to a minium. Any heavy sanding I do in the garage where I also vacuum up after myself.

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