Saturday, 17 August 2013

Dragon Toof's!


  1. So glad you went with the sharks mouth. Though may I make a suggestion or two. I think it would look even better if you painted a thin black outline around the mouth and also painted a tongue like what you see on WW2 kitty hawks(see like below)

    Though this does mean you'd have to black out the upper half of the mouth and paint carefully around the white teeth. A pain in the ass of a job I'm sure. But worth the results I believe.

    This is just my opinion. What ever you do I'm sure will look awesome!!

    Keep up the good work

    1. Thats not quite finished yet theres been no shading or highlights on the model I need the main painted items on before 1st stage weathering so its all nicely blended

      I will pick out the edge of the mouth with a wash but I'm going to leave the inner mouth all red as per the MWO concept picture;

      Which has been my guide for this paint job. I'm not sure if thats how I would of painted it but I was to stick near to the concept art.

      This is what I used for a reference;

  2. Awwww yes I forgot about the concept are. Yeah after looking at that id stick closer to the original piece like you suggested as apposed to the WW2 sharks mouth.

    Going to be interesting to see the outcome with that green and red skin paintjob.

    keeping my eye out for the next post.