Saturday, 21 February 2015

Bay lighting Mk2 - LED

The LED's arrived they work with the controller I bought for the EL wire #joy.

Sorry the picture is a bit Heath Robinson. Lack of connectors arriving (pet hate 'direct from china' sellers on eBay circumventing 'uk only' filter) meant I had to hold the wires with my fingers whilst operating the camera in low light.

The LED's weren't over bright in fact on the dim side for just one to light each side. I'll probably run 4 LEDs one each end that should give enough light the bays in the day light. I think I will also incorporate the cables as part fo the detailing (add brass bindings, draped from the roof and painted with the bay.)

Work getting the the dropship ready for casting is progressing. I've finished cleaning up 95% of the rough edges (I'm sure I'll find a few more as I continue). I'm on to the snag list of items, things that either need to be added or patched (missing window frames, re-enforcing bits that are too thin for casting, door jams etc)

Once that's done it'll give it a good clean, a coat of primer (to check for faults) and then a final seal coat. Then its on to making mould boxes, moulds and casting.


  1. Just stumbled on this. You have any extra casts or parts you'd be willing to sell.? I'd be interested in anything you had.

    1. you can always drop me an email on if you looking for bits :)