Monday, 30 November 2015

Still alive just being a busy beaver

Not posted an update as there's nothing exciting to show. I'm continuing to assemble PGIs HBKs cleaning up the castings messy work and a lot of parts to this model. Hoping to get this cleaned up asap and on to paint as I hate all the dust in my office. I lost a few days because the temp dropped to below zero and the workshop leaks heat at too fast a rate, we had the mother in law staying with us, I was assured it would afford me extra days but I ended up being chauffeur/tour guide.

Fun facts: the HBK and all its variants weights in at 672g compared to the 479g of the Cent this is due to the fact the hunches make up a 1/3 of the torso and there's 5 of them. I had 3 moulds break on me during casting. 17kgs of silicone went into making (and remaking) the moulds.

Other than that the Leo thrusters (left and right) are coming along the intakes are machining now and just a detail piece left to go and I can assemble them.

Above the roughing stage, I'm currently on the 1st finishing pass running at 20% speed over night because there's so many thin sections the back is only about 2mm I didn't want to risk chipping anything and it makes no difference it if runs to 3am or 9am.


  1. I've been following your work for some time now, you're doing fantastic work, Keep it up! I was surprised to see that you went with the 3d mill instead of the 3d printer. You've got some models under your belt with it now, would you make the same decision again?

    1. Yes, because it'll pay off faster than a 'high res' 3D printer hopefully by that tme 3D would have reached this level and become affordable. Another reason is injection moulding is a real possibility with one of these just need to pay down some costs before buying an injection machine...

      Also I don't want to make just models. I can use it to make wood and small metal parts too.

    2. So if you put the right bit on the machine it would cut the steel molds for injection molding? That would be fantastic!!

      Keep up the great work!