Thursday, 5 April 2012

Table Top scale - EHL Mechs

Change of scale today for the Reverse Disabled blog. I wanted some table top counter parts to pose next to my Large mechs to demonstrate scale. So here they are in the ELH  desert ridge line camo.

I also tried out a new technique of painting reflected light to give my atlas that MWO glow.

Finally the existing highlander miniature looks like something out of 60's sci-fi show. I wanted something that looked more like the MW4 version the Highlander IIC miniature comes close. I modified the torso and the arms, deleted the neck and cut down the legs to getting us closer the MW4 concept art of David White (mechmaster). I also added the reflected light effect from the cockpit.

If you like too see more of David White's work you can here:
And if you like to see the Reflected light tutorial I followed you can watch it here;

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