Thursday, 12 April 2012

Exciting times! (well at least for me)

Its exciting times for me at the moment.

My first laser cut parts arrived today!! After sitting in customs for what seems like 40days and 40nights over Easter. I first contacted the laser cutter way back in January so its been a while coming!

I now poses 6 bags full of blank random shapes which will make up 5 mechs that I'll have to sort and group into substructures in the worlds most tedious puzzle. Come to think of it I should of asked him to spray the reverse side with a different colour so at least I could tell front from back! To aid me I'm using a tip picked up from RC car modelling. I plan to use a 1:1 scale drawing of the parts then match the parts to the plan and the plan to the 3d model. Simples he says...

Some of the super tiny stuff didn't work the laser melted the thin plastic divide. Not a big loss because they were all decorative items such as house decals, buckles and tiny exhaust fans which i used to fill in the blank areas.

I stripped my Armorcast atlas of its old paint job (sprayed with car paint all those years ago foolish me). I used 'Simple Green' degreaser. It took the acrylic off over night but the car paint required another 2 weeks to soften and remove. Top tip be very careful what you use to strip resin as it'll spoil if exposed to many common paint strippers use for metal mini's. The Atlas now sitting in primer I just have to tidy the little gaps then on to painting.

However all this has to wait till next week though because I'm off to darkest North Wales for my wife's cousins wedding for 5days. Bo Hoo

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