Saturday, 5 May 2012

Can you tell what it is yet?

I finished painting the Atlas a few days ago (pictures to follow) which means I'm finally able to start on my new project can you tell what it is yet?

  • In the first you can see the 1:1 scale drawing I used to reference the various laser cut parts
  • The second picture shows the seams re-enforced with putty, the void is bulked out with bonding plaster, before finishing with a smooth layer of putty (not shown). This is to stop the part imploding during the vacuum degassing stage of mould making process.
  • Lastly is a shot of the parts loosely sat together
Over all this is a step up in quality using all the knowledge of previous projects, new technologies and referencing from the Armorcast Atlas design


  1. where are you getting the 3d models? are you making them from scratch, or are you ripping them from mw?

    GREAT job btw!

    1. I use the paper plans from and translated them into illustrator files.

      I think the guys at get them from mektek or ripping them direct from the game