Friday, 25 May 2012

1/60 scale MW4 Highlander - unveiled!

Update - 2nd June 2012 
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Hi folks,

I'd like to introduce my 1/60 scale (Armorcast height) MW4 highlander. This mech is a big step up in design for me. The paper craft plans were rescaled, then translated into Adobe Illustrator and details added, the file was then sent for laser cutting. Then I had to wait for the parts to arrive and wait and wait I did...

I sorted the shapes using a 1:1 scale diagram and group them into substructures. I then started to assemble the shapes into parts filling the internal voids with putty and plaster to make them withstand vacuum moulding. (see previous sneak peak blog entry)

What you see here is 95% finished bar a few items left on the snagging list. Its not glued so not to damage the masters till I've taken moulds so it's just balancing together in the pictures (pretty impressive for such a tall and heavy model).

For comparison I took a photo next to the Armorcast atlas. As you can see bang on scale., (GET IN! My powers of maths didn't fail me)

A: You can have one!
I'm going to offer a kick starter type deal. If I get 5 paid pre-orders I will make moulds of the model. I'll give it till the 15th June 2012 to make 5 orders or all orders will be refunded and "there can only be one" highlander (Yes I had to work that in there)

The price would be £80 + postage and I only plan to make 5 total for the foreseeable future. If you would like to order contact me on the email address below.

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