Thursday, 27 September 2012

Postie where for out thou postie?

Play halted until postman delivers Ball bearings and glue :/

I have finished the MW4 HBK concept head it looks very swish but not quite ready to show it yet because it looks like a mottled mess of different colours and materials. It needs a final pass with green stuff filler and a sand to sharpen it all up then some primer to make it complete.

I've also start to get the bicep ready to blank cast adding the details to the shoulder and making the attaching point to the torso and a joint for the forearm. Again it needs a bit of primer and some light sanding to tidy it up. The black pen marks show where i intend to grind a groove. But i need to cast it in resin first because the master isn't strong enough to take it.

I've also made a small amount of progress on CBT/MWO forearm. but its something I tinker with while I'm waiting on other things to cure.

Update -

Well before i even finished typing this update the postman came bearing (bought) gifts yippy! I'll finally get to finish the legs masters I just need to putty the joint and drill some holes and cut 2 slots;

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