Thursday, 6 September 2012


Progress today

I decided to get stuck in and do the scary parts you know the bit where I take my fragile bits and a big drill press and make some holes.

This was progress this morning. Although its hidden I drilled the torso to hip joint hole. Might not sound like much but it has to be right or we get a hunched hunchback :P

This hole was stalling progression on the Torso with it in place i could add the side torsos, and 'back pack'

I've gotten more done since that photo was taken but I need to charge the camera.

I've finished (more or less);
Shin blank (ready for casting so i can make it left/right handed)
AC20 ready to be fitted to the torso
Foot which looks awesome

On tomorrows to do list;
Torso guns barrels
Gearing ring on the bicep
Thigh details and hip joints
Shoulder joints
Tidy the forearms up

I'll shoot some primer on the lot and grab some photos.Then its snagging and moulding and hopefully will see a complete pair of sexy legs in the near future.

I've got a joint set in the post that I'm waiting for to finish the arms. I'm hoping it'll clear customs by end of next week.

As for an update on CBT, IIC variants. The CBT is going to take a 2nd priority while I wait for a few parts. The IIC variant is going on the back burner till i have the time to work out how to flip the AC20 not as simples as I first thought. The main issue is i have to make it look identical to the other side which might mean ordering a 2nd set to be laser cut (hind sight 20/20 i should of added that to the original order doh!)

Lingo buster:
  • Blank - A part brought to the point where it can be cast and then made into a left or right handed asymmetrical part.
  • Left or right handed - a part that is a asymmetrical mirror of its counter part
  • Detail - small cosmetic feature to and interest to a part (hatches, vents, rivets, etc)

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