Friday, 2 November 2012

Hunchback pricing and info

Hello Guys

Right then I've sat down and worked out what the Hunchback has owes me and what it will cost to make each model.

  • £75.00 for the MW4 version ($121.00/93.00)
  • £78.00 For the CBT-est version ($125.50/€97.00)
  • Postage should be approximately £15 to £18

I'll be taking 5 orders at first. But don't fret if you miss out I'll taking more in December. I do it this way so I don't get swamped with orders and gives me time to paint my own, cuz you know its not finished till its painted 

If you would like one you can contact me at this address please title your email HUNCHBACK ORDER

You probably wondering why it came out almost as much as the Highlander. I can assure you the truth is the resin isn't the expensive part its the Silicone moulds that really amp up the costs. And for the Hunchback I needed to make a number of extra moulds to make blank parts which would go on to become left and right handed. There's also only 2 mirrored parts on the mech (foot and bicep) which results in more moulds. This means the HBK used as much silicone as the highlander the up shot is the Huncback is rich in details.

So on to the model features;
  • Stands 18cm (7.1inches) which is bang on 1/60 armor cast scale
  • 415grams of resin
  • the MW4 version comes in 16 parts. 
  • the CBT-est comes in 20 parts. 
  • Most parts have locator pins, buttons or sockets to aid assembly. 
  • The legs can be posed at the ankle and hip.
  • the arms can be posed at shoulder and elbow.
  • the torso rotates at the hip and is tight enough not to need gluing. 
A little about why i love the Hunchie;
           The hunchback to me follows the philosophy of American muscle cars of the 60's. Drop a big block V8 in a small car and get something that upsets class balance. Its a super fun mech to play in table top for that reason. When you drop that big AC20 and the other guys going to feel it even if hes bigger and meaner.

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