Friday, 30 November 2012

Hunchback Assembly notes and the HBK IIC

 Some Hunchies might be landing with their new owners around about now (the rest are almost done) So I thought I would give you some tips to get the best out of them.

Hunchback Assembly notes;

  • Please be careful removing pour spouts esp on the CBT forearm and CBT Bicep. My advice is to use a small hack saw or razor saw to cut the bulk off then use a file or sand paper to bring it flush.
  • For the perfect alignment of the arms you will need to heat the end of the bicep (hot water or a hair dryer) put it in the torso and gently bend arm till it's in the right position. Don't go mad with heat warm to hot is good enough in most cases
  • The forearm to bicep joints were deliberately left slightly loose because with painting they will get tighter.
  • The bicep to forearm pin only needs gluing on the outside to retain articulation
  • The bond on the ball joints once glued is incredibly strong! Make sure you happy with the pose before the glue sets too hard because (as i found) those parts will not come apart
  • Make sure you wash to parts in soapy water before painting to take off the release agent.

In other news -

Say hello to Bam Bam Pam;

 I've only made slooooooooow progress because I've been busy casting and rebuilding PC but I'm almost ready to glue on the AC20 and fill in all the gaps. I'm toying with the idea of modding the body some more too. Filling in the centre and maybe replacing the medium laser barrels with those off the CBT arms.

If you really want one I'm happy to cast it on the proviso that there 5 pre-orders and even then it probably wont dispatch till the new year ('cause I'm tired of being out in the cold garage for hours).

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