Monday, 7 January 2013

That Battletech cartoon

Often you hear me mention a Battletech cartoon from my childhood which forever branded battletech into my soul. For those of you too young to remember (I feel old for saying that) they're all on youtube in their cheesy glory;

Originally Die hard battletech fans look upon it as most Mechwarriors gamers looked upon mechassult. Mainly because BT cannon was bent to accomdate the show. However (and this a stroke of genius) in  later years the show was re-spun as a Holonovel only based roughly off real battletech characters. Solving the whole canon issues backlash.

So enjoy some Pulpmech fiction!

Part of me hopes some fan will make a fanpic and reanimate the show with modern HD and 3d effects.


  1. Also available for download from Sarna if desired:

  2. Thanks for that! I had no idea there was a Battletech cartoon series!