Thursday, 3 January 2013

Star of 25mm Elementals

Ok so there aren't 100% to 1/60 scale (25mm vs 28mm) but given to the fact they are only 3mm out I'll allow it.

You'll see I posed them all slightly differently (as much as the model would allow me) and one is riding off on his JJs which isn't particularly clear from this angle.

I have two ideas for a paint scheme

1. The green and white like my old one for the captain and purple white for the clansmen. Except the paint scheme would be more gritty as per my current paint style;

2. Or the Duck egg and pastel purple of the HBK IIC. But I think they'd look too cute because of the already cute look of the model itself.

I'm leaning toward the former because of my love for the Somerset Strikers cartoon. However there's the nagging voice telling me to make them the same as the HBK IIC so like look like a unit...

2 to 1 its going to be the cartoon paint job methinks.

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