Thursday, 28 February 2013

RAVEN - Too the printers

Well chaps issuses sorted with my printers have ment I can pull the trigger on my next mech;

Introducing the RAVEN;

In a few weeks I should have the model its self (along with the reprinted CMDO arms).

I took alot of care to get this one fit for casting you'll note I split the hip joint into 2 parts, I had to remove some of the rails the rear and front of the torso but fear not there are pilot holes for those some .5mm wire and you'll be set.

Compared to my previous model as these light mechs are tiny and carry allot of detail its been a challenging to cast these to a high standard. So many details where bubbles can get stuck not to mention trying to get a suitable sized pour spout attached.

I'm going to trial vacuum casting the resin which should pull out all the bubbles (in theory). However its been cold here (for London) and resin + cold don't mix. Once it warms up some I'll be testing out this new method.

Watch this space Mechwarriors.

1 comment:

  1. The Raven design is awesome! Nicely done!