Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Commando Update

Even though I'm still lacking arms I've cleaned and base coated what I have so far;

I haven't glued the legs on yet to make painting easier so excuse my fingers.  I popped the HBK in there to give the idea of scale. Its a cracking looking mech for sure I change my mind daily as to what paint scheme I'm going to use.Two tone browny orange and sand or Fed com White Blue or Fedcom Blue white and red centre stripe..??..??

 Fed com might be an issue when I want to put the raven the same lance :/

 So a little Sarna-fu  show that I could use the raven in a Fedcom lance yay so with that in mind which one of these? (I'm leaning to the right.)


  1. The blue, white and red would fit it quite well. Have you looked at the Robinson rangers red and black scheme? That would fit it too

  2. I had a look at the Robinson rangers the scheme isn't my cup of tea. I want to steer clear of camo on my models because well they camouflage the details ^^

    2 tone and Block colours. I think I've made my mind up to paint my next lance in Davion Guards.

  3. Nice, I like the commando on the right (your picture above), the red stripe completes it.

  4. Im liking the one on the left without the red stripe.

  5. I vote for the color scheme on the right. I'm partial to the symmetry of color and the red stripe does complete it (per Nate's comment).