Thursday, 25 July 2013

Dragon - Currently at the printers

I finished up the dragon last weekend and it was accepted by the printers on Monday. Some new features on the joints with this one allowing the arms and hips to be removable from the torso.

Point of glued articulations
Ankles Ball
Knees Barrels
Hips Ball

Free moving
Torso twist

The height is 19.25cm from foot to top of the main bulk and in my opinion sits prefect in the 1/60 scale of mechs.

Below a picture of the upper parts 'packaged' for printing purposes. They quoted me a time of 2weeks but as all things we'll see.


  1. Super psyched for this one, it's an awesome 'mech design and your models are incredibly faithful to the look of them in MWO, I can't wait! Did you build it with the standard AC/10 arm? Or did you include variant parts like the multi-barreled Ultra AC/5?

    1. I could have some made but it would be slight different from the MWO model which replaces the entire barrel length. My barrel was cut at 2/3rds (where the main bulk of the gun finishes) should still look ok though.

  2. Yeah good point. Will the ballistics arm be changeable between yhe AC10 and Ultra AC5.
    Also have you given much thought to the paint job? Would love to see a sharks mouth painted on the sides of the torso. Anyways keep up the good work.

  3. 19.25 cm height sounds perfect to me, cant wait to see the next step.