Monday, 15 July 2013

So its been a while

Well its has been a while hasn't it. Sorry to disappear for so long I haven't been idle just couldn't share what was happening and there's only one of me to go around so I had to choose in what order to tackle the tasks that needed doing.

If you sent me an email in the last 8 or 10weeks chances are I haven't replied yet....... sorry that's really poor manners on my part but but there was a mountain ton of emails from you big scale Mech Model fans and I want to write a through reply to everyone and not just a few words. I will get to these I promise (I've replied to 6 so far out of 150!).

Any way its my birthday today spent with family in the sun and consumed far too many sweet things. I thought I'd treat you with what I'm working on next;

"SLACKER!" I hear you cry. I know, I know doesn't look like I've done anything, but that's half the point. You cant take what's in game and just make a model of it (well you can but it'll suck as a physical model). Everything needs checking to make sure it connected to something and its solid. Then one needs to reinforce all the weak points that don't matter in a virtual world so what you end up with isn't going to break into pieces every time you pick it up. Then add proper mechanical joints that aren't there in the game (because parts can clip through each other). Then add in all the tiny details that only exist on the texture maps.

All of the above should look just as it does in the game to everyone but me and the guy who first made it. At this point your almost there (which is where I'm currently at) one needs to decide where to put the intersects on parts and how these parts will be cast (mould flow) then the printers, followed by some Hi-tech mould making and resin casting and you have yourself a mech buddy!



  1. I dunno if this is of any use to you, but take a look:

    1. Hello thanks for that file, I couldn't use it, there still a lot of manual adjusting that would be needed to make the main parts a 'whole' vs plain 'water tight'. In the end its easier to start with the raw and work in from there.

      I have tired every short cut but human labour/judgement seems the only sure fire way to put these together.

    2. No problem. I've been handed these by a friend and reassured that they're totally fine for printing but I lack the know-how to check this for myself.

  2. I would love to have one of these on my bookshelf AND one to give out as a prize in the MWO:Arena. Please let me know if you do a prod run or have some that need homes :)

  3. holy crap on a cracker! and here I thought you'd do like a Jenner next.