Saturday, 7 December 2013

MWO Centurion progress

Long story short back to work in the centurion after and enforce break while my house was remodel. I wanted to beat Christmas but from mid September to early November there was just too much dust and noise to achieve any kind of productivity.

The Cent has lots of fins, unjoined up parts, undercuts and variants so its been a ton of work to make good the model for casting and make working joints. I thought about trying to cast with the fins in place but for every good cast they'd probably be 3 broken ones and there's only so much swearing my neighbours will put up with. I also broken down bigger parts into smaller pieces either because they'd trap bubbles or parts to lock into the mould (like the claw hand).

So here it is as you can see alot of parts (34) goes into making this one up.

It looks done here but there's probably 7days work still left in the 3D desing. The CT still needs locator pins then every part has to be looked at to check it'll make good moulds and given a final clean.

The barrels slot in the fore arm and the AC20 section can make either AC10, AC20 or UAC5. There's also a laser barrel, LBX10 barrel and a Gauss barrel for clan invasion Kai Allard Wangs.


  1. Very nice. The Centurion was my first mech when I started with the "click"version of Battletech. Always had a sweet spot for this Inner Sphere design

  2. Cant wait to get one and build my Wang!

  3. Good to see your back at work, and again I cant wait to see you paint job/scheme. would love to see a Yen Lo Wang or 1st Blackburn's Raiders paint job. Its a shame someone like Airfix doesn't buy the rites to this niche product and make it available to all who love the MechWarrior universe.

  4. they can't. tops owns all the modeling rights vs harmony gold