Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Centurion - From the 3D printers

So the Cent was signed off and it was sent to the printers a week ago.

Here it is out of the box needing a good clean to remove all the wax (which I've now done).

I'm on to surface finishing now and that'll take as long as it takes because its messy, bloody figured work and I have to still be careful not to damage the tiny details.

It came out really nice eps the variant options Gauss/LBX/Laser/AC20/AC10/UAC5. SO looking forward to getting some paint on it :)

I've been getting allot of "can you teach me" or "can you write a tutorial" emails. The short answer is sadly no. There lots of well written tutorials out there for the many of the different programs that people use. There also a lot of 3D printing help out there too. Writing isn't my strong suit I don't have the free time to write a tome of the knowledge picked up over the years and it would eat into my time spent modelling.

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