Saturday, 22 March 2014

One, two, three centurion

Stages of casting,

Sorry for the blurry phone cam but i grab these while I work. My nose has been in work, house improvements and this some of you have emailed or messaged me I'll try to answer those questions soon.

Not going to rush (I'm too old and tired) so it'll be a week or so it'll be ready for paint. I want to make another one for myself so i can basic assemble them together and get all the messy bit done in one shot.

Really itching to get this one posed and see 7months of work standing in front of me!


  1. I’m almost afraid to ask, but how much is this kit going to be selling for?

  2. I love how you imbed the SMTK in the feet.

  3. If only they were a bit larger...darn MWO scales....that aside, the work is fantastic!

    1. All of my models are 1/60 scale not MWO scale. I spend a good deal of time making them fit in Armorcasts scale as well as close to peoples expectations of height as possible (ie a 60tonner should be shorter than a 75tonner). Every thing in regards scale in Battletech is conjecture there is no definitive guide. Its been a common error to take the Armorcast Atlas as pure guide to scale but everyone forgets that in the lore the atlas is taller than an average 100tonner. This is born out if you If you look at the Armorcast madcat and the vulture you find most '1/60' mechs have been over scaled.

  4. I think Tim means the problem with MWO’s scaling….y’know….where a Commando comes up to about knee-height on an Atlas?