Thursday, 6 March 2014

Cent clean up done

So I've cleaned the centurion up there still a little light sanding to be done

I put down a 'finder' coat because working on clear plastic you can miss things but it also shows how nice this bad boy looks. Sitting loose on the desk.

You can see all the barrels LBX, Gauss, Laser, UAC5 tip, AC10 tip and the AC20 in place. I bought some 3mm magnets I plan to leave the barrels unglued so they can be hot swapped. Only 1 shin and foot because they match and I'll just take 2 moulds of these. The missile doors and rear of the gun bits are they're in a baggy for safe keeping.

Taking my time to see this one right my next update will be once I've cast it it resin and it'll look much like this but glued together.