Sunday, 20 April 2014

Slowly slowy

Creeping towards completion

As you can see I been making 2 centurions at the same time hence the slowness of progression. The reason being to get all the messy stuff don't together. Ones for me and ones for PGI at this poing mine takes a back seat at this point while I paint PGI's and I'll paint mine at the same time as I paint my dragon since they will share the guards scheme.

I still have to fabricate rails for the knees, rear shins and aerial for the back of the head. Its a bit of soldering something new to me to master.

Lots of people asking to buy these. If I have some resin lefty over rather than let it go to waste I'll use it up and make some extras, however all that will wait until PGIs work done and real life allows. They'll probably go on eBay because they wont be a huge production run.  


  1. Lovely work. I've been follow your models for a while now and if you was to place some extras on ebay I would definitely bid. So please let us know if you do

  2. im buying one no matter what