Sunday, 13 April 2014

Centurion progress

I've reached the base coating stage thought I would share. I lost a few days because of a moment of carelessness, I knocked a leg off the table and the fin broke with the chipped peace vanishing so I had to unstick the thigh and cast a new one.

Its just balancing on its self here but i wanted to see how it all sat together I'm going to leave the missile doors till the very end because I know they get broken other wise. I still have a wash with a brush some black into the recesses which the spray can couldn't reach to get a good cranvas to start with.

Heres all the variants for the right arm AC10/AC20/LBX/UAC/Gauss/Laser they just slot you can either pick your posion and glue one, use friction to hold them or like I;ve done add magnets to hodl them firm.

There's a lot of weight hanging off the fore arm you can glue the arm of you don't want it to drop but i like a bit of movement so I've added a magnet to the elbow joint which hold the fore arm up but still allows it to move down.


  1. Holy shit. It looks way better than I even imagined.

  2. How long do you figure before the kit is ready for sale? I’m itching to add one to my connection.