Thursday, 14 August 2014

More guards

So both mechs have been shaded and highlighted. The legs have been glued (2 part epoxy) I'll leave the glue 24hrs to cure to full hardest. I found it feels strong after about an hour but still comes apart/weaken if knocked, while after a week the resin will break before the glue. 

Tomorrow I'll add weathering this amounts to shades of sepia one all over coat (to tone all the colours together) and then small drips and runs will be added.

After that I need to make the aerials and rails. I'll paint the aerials black and the rails I'll give a rusted out look.

Then black is added to lenses, inside barrels, vents and the cockpit. Jewel all the lasers and cockpits and that's the painting done ready for a final clear coat and gloss for the glassy bits.

Excited to see my 2nd lances worth of mechs coming together.

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