Monday, 11 August 2014

Some more guards progress

All grimed up and shaded. Highlights next and then weathering. I still have to make the rails and aerials but I left that to last as they tend to get lost and or broken same goes for the missile flaps. Dragon is still being grimed up atm.

And a boring photo of the stencils I made;

cut to size the smaller one is for the shoulder of the dragon (bigger one goes on the thigh). I use a mix of scalpel and small curved scissors. For very curvy shapes I cut into the letter with the scissors then heal the cut with masking tape. The cut also allows you to work the paper without fear of ripping it.


  1. SWEET JEEBUS!! Any of this stuff available for sale?

    Honestly, GREAT WORK! Keep'em comin'!

    1. Thanks, if I have spare resin after I made what I needed rather than throw away hazardous liquid resin I cast extras and sell them off but its a very limited number.