Saturday, 20 September 2014

More 3D work done on the Leopard

  • All the exterior detailing is done.
  • Turrets have had their articulation added (T peg for the big turret and dowels for the smaller dorsal and engine turret).
  • The body has been sectioned for casting just adding locating lugs 
  • The upper doors have some trick hinges to hold them open while the lower doors will be dowels, when the doors are closed the upper door clasps the lower to hold it shut (in theory).
  • Interior I'll add some simple details but nothing too mad, bulkheads, cargo door or two.
  • I'll also thinking about adding some reinforcement to the spine for the ship

  • The door bays are 6cm high and 4cm wide enough to fit the Atlas re-sculpt (inc base) with a few mm spare.
  • Over all dimensions are approx; Length 33cm  -- Width 38.5cm(wingspan)/16cm(body) -- Height 13cm (might be subject to change)
My concerns are keeping it TT friendly size but I also want it too hold 4/5mechs.


  1. As much as I'd like you to make a Atlas next, you should so make this leopard regardless of size

    1. :) I had this model half way done (all internals removed) when I put it aside to get other stuff finished first so it was quick to pick up and finish off. Esp since my work flow now is much more efficient.

      I've wanted a TT dropship for a long time since owning my first battltech models but there never was a good one. I looked at the IWM stuff was corny while the Games workshop/forge world stuff never quite fit the bill either ascetically or in cargo space.