Sunday, 21 September 2014

How the Leopard breaks down

Often it helps me to see how I've broken down parts by colouring them so I can see if something might be too unwieldy to cast. There's a physical limitation I have to consider size of my pressure pot which I use for both degassing the silicone and pressure casting the parts.

I had it before where a mould was just too big to get the lid on lucky it was just case of trimming down the top of the mould box (usually you make it 2/3 model 1/3 expansion room for degassing)

As you can see there's lot of parts. The more parts the more the silicone cost go up since you need a few CM of silicone around the part to give the mould strength the more it costs to make so the dome turrets for example are up for debate where they rotate or not. I think there's about 40ish part so far lots of long flat pieces with honestly are an unknown casting wise for me. So there be a bit of research on the best way to break this down and cast it.


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    1. Me too I just have to see how much its going to be to print.

  2. Looks great!
    Also, did your email change? I sent you an email a few days ago and I'm feeling antsy :)

    1. I believe I caught up on all my emails today. I'm slow to replay to emails I tend to save them all up and put a morning aside to answer them all.