Thursday, 27 November 2014

Leopard dropship progress

I've been surface finishing the dropship this past few weeks, Progress has been sporadic (new baby and toddler who caught a well timed nasty cold for us to share).

However its looking sweet

After scrubbing the power residue off. I used some left over blue spray paint (wooden truck i made for my son)  to put a light coat over all the parts so i could see where i was sanding and make sure I didn't take off any details. I still have the nose to do (its in black because the blue paint ran out) and the underside of the stern then I'll need to use my needle files to get into the nooks sand paper couldn't.

Once that's done I'll give it a wash and then it give it a coat of dissolved putty primer and another fine sand. That should result in a good quality surface finish. Then surface seal it and on to thinking about mould making.

The internet was also down for a few days (its amazing what a pc cant do with out it). But it did enforce a real world job break and give me the chance to make up some instructions for the leopard. Mostly my mech don't need these as its clear what parts are an where they go, but the leopard does have an assembly order which needs to be followed your you'd have to pull glued bits apart and it can be hard to tell which way around some parts go.


I've also added a link on the right had side to my DA finished models gallery. Where you can see everything I have made and painted so far!