Saturday, 1 November 2014

Dropship landed

Good news!

The Leopard dropship came yesterday. Its hard to say 100% that it came out great till I get all the media off it and it has a first coat of primer but at first inspection it looks real nice. It came missing 1 part and 1 part needed reprinting so those are getting done over the weekend.

I tempted fate to get some of these shots  loosely fitted the body together with no spine just so i could check out the scale (i laid on the turret and the bridge too).

As you can see the atlas stands up fine and I think he;s the biggest TT mech currently. He did have to till to get him in the door and access height will be a few MM lower when the bay doors are on but it was a price worth paying because otherwise the model would of been to expensive to print.

Above you can see the bay floor with the b'tech hex patten and below you can see the ships spine, thruster, and bay doors (inner and outter)

Ok so the badish news;
I had a cut on my leg 2 weeks ago I was trying to ignore it and help the wife by doing her chores/child care (she's pregnant and due 3 days ago, so were very much into over time) but that was a mistake, it became infected and I got seriously ill the last few days and I'm on a strong course of antibiotics. I should be fine but its very painful and I can't walk much, I have to bed rest to get it a chance to heal but that means no progress on any models as much as I'd like to get started.


  1. Wow, That is one great model, it must have cost a small fortune to get it printed. Well done!

    I hope you're healing and you're again a proud Papa, Congratulations!