Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Intermission - Silly bank holidays

So I was caught by the bank holiday day curse i.e. stuff that should of arrived on Thurs/Friday but didn't leaving me 4 days behind.

So i was hoping to show you the HBK foot but you'll have to settle for some fluff instead

The Lighting aero I made from the block of eBay wasn't cast-able quality imo even with a coat of gloss (It'll be remade from the new block) in the mean time i just wanted to see it together.

Pink smoke bisches

Any way with the arrival of the new red block and the long mills form the US I could get to work on the first part of the HBK foot;

As you can see silky smooth surface and that's just the first finish pass 1mm ball end I also go over finer details with  0.5mm mill or smaller to make sure the details are crisp.