Sunday, 31 May 2015

MWO Hunchback foot

Everything I needed for the HBK foot arrived and it was all machined out by Friday;

Above the parts with supports added plus slots/pins to make assembly 100% accurate.

Above the foot broken down with the supports removed and bottom the foot loose assembled. Apologies for the dust on the parts I give them a quick wipe but it seems the light/camera picked it up. Everything will get a sonic clean in degreaser before being cast.

Bonus picture of the rear of the upper section calf. It details like the vent that are texture based in Mechwarrior online I added these details back to keep the richness of the aesthetic.

Its been some 14hr days to get the foot complete, I felt like I had to catch up lost time coupled with the desire to see something whole and finished. I'll probably ease up on gas a little because that pace was too much as my blood shot eyes can attest.

As for the CNC machine the MDX40a has done great, I'm getting into a rhythm with it. The only fly in the ointment so far is I don't have a band-saw (no space for it) necessary to cut small straight blocks for machining, so I have to cut half using my chop-saw and the smaller cuts with a tendon saw.  The cuts are wonky because of that and I have to added a margin to compensate and them get the machine to 'square off' that just wastes a lot of time and expensive model board. Temped to by one anyway, keep it in the house and tell the wife its a sowing machine.... that way she'd never touch it ^^

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