Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Drive by update - pew pew pew

So as not to show a lack up updates here's a schlong of hunchie humps;

This actually means I've finished all the machining as of yesterday (8weeks of machining). There's all the mill spru to remove and some fettling make sure those humps go down easy because at the moment they are tight fit so I need take alittle off so swapping isn't going to scratch up a painted model

The left SRM is 2 parts front/back after carefully weighing up how to execute the design, it wont be hot swappable. The main reason is there's a protrusion at the side torso that has to be removed for it to fit I tried to work around it but it left the part with a gaping hole at its weakest point. So the plan is if you want the SRM build you will have to remove a part of the torso then glue The SRM on.  (however I'm sure with some determination you could get something workable)

I'm still suffering with my thumb I tried to get back to work with it when I though it was ok but split it open after 1hr >:| The doc says I have to keep it moisturised give it more of a chance to heal. Once I get stuff cleaned up I will add a bunch of retro respective updates.

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