Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Interim update - Torso

I've finished the machining on the torso 4 days ago it was the trickiest part so far. I'll go more into that on a proper post later. Unfortunately I hurt my thumb (unrelated to modelling honestly) so I haven't been able to clean off the support structures and lots of nice photos. But I didn't want to leave you wondering what happened so heres a quick pic (painful as it is show unfinished work);

Head laser, rear comms dish, back section to be glued on, the (ammo?) drum, front and back torso
I will put up another post much more in-depth once I get enough dexterity in my thumb to clean all the parts up.

Thumb with a chef's hat on

It looks like I'll need another week for it to heal but it hasn't effected machining I'm already most of the way through the swayback hump.

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