Friday, 18 March 2016

Zombicide Challenger progress

This is the 1st version it ending up being scrapped it because the roughing cutter was damaged so it left tool marks in the body. So i did it all again and this time make some edits to make life easier like deeper panel lines door groove and matching the head lights on there own. I don't have experience on making stuff on this scale things that look right in 3D end up too small fine on the model  almost have to make it comical size for it too look right. But its a great learning curve.

Then I did the wheels simple design since I wanted them to work for both cars. The only real design flare is they have sag/bulge on the side facing the road to impart a feeling of weight.

And a quick snap of WIP first time fitting everything (horrid colour clash I know; salmon pink and teal). The grey you see is Mr surfacer sandable filler/primer. The whole car gets a coat. It fills in any low spots/scratchs/toolmarks and i can buff it off with 1000grit and not have to work the model risk loosing its shape. Makes it looks like carp but feels smooth and with a coat of primer it'll be perfect. But I haven't glued the wheels on yet because they have just be cut off the spru to take this picture.

Those with a keen eye can see but the cutting mat the car is about 9.5cm long which is a measurement taken from the Zombicide car cards.

I think this one is pretty much there just needs a wipe down of the body and the wheels need a quick once over before gluing into place. But that can wait till I've started the police car machining which then leaves the final spru with all the small details mirrors and police lights.

I also have a few spare hunchbacks left over from my last casting run if any is interested in them email;

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