Thursday, 10 March 2016

Zombicide - scale cars

I needed something different from mechwarrior for a bit.

I picked up the Zombicide board game seemed like good value for 70 figures, tiles and the game itself. The wife likes walking dead and the rules are straight forward enough for a non table top player to enjoy and its co-op so no table flipping .

Only thing missing imo was terrain and cars. I'll put aside any ideas about terrain for now. But I really wanted some scaled cars the thing is no one seems to makes cars in 32mm size other than Airfix's small range of army vehicles

Airfix make this A06301 British Forces Land Rover Twin 1:48
(google image/not mine)

Which is bang on but this is the most civilian looking of the range so I have bought that. I wanted the cop car and the 'pimp' mobile.

Some die-cast could work but they will either be a tad big or small since they are scaled to fit the box not strictly to any 1:1 scale.

At this point I should point out graveyard cars fan. And I luv 70's muscle cars, so this was the prefect excuse to make a 32mm dodge challenger to replace the pimp mobile card.

The details are super small (the car is 95x36mm) so i have no idea if it'll work.

I also reworked crown Victoria into a police cruiser to replace the cop car card

Any zombicide fans about?

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  1. Pursuit Special / V8 Interceptor could be fun ;) These look like a fun side project after all the hunchies.