Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Zombicide Cars finished

Zombicide Cars 

A bit more of a marathon then I expected but I found myself adding and adding things I wanted to the list. But I'm very excited to finish them. I know some of the stuff isn't historicity accurate like the old NYPD paint scheme on modern NYPD cars etc but I took some artistic licence to get what I wanted.

They scale dead on to the scale of the models and the cars cards although with out a base to bring them up to foot hight they some times look small so I'm thinking of adding some clear plastic bases. The OSL effects were tricky/frustrating my airbrush isn't a fine detail brush and for objects this small 1mm is way too much, my inexperience with free hand shows in lack of paint control, but I managed through a lot of swearing to get something I'm happy with.

Printed Decals were;
NYPD Badge (sides), Orange roof lights
Sheriff: Badge (hood, sides)
NYC taxi: Advert, Taxi number (advert board), fares (sides)
All number plates

Painted decals used custom made stencils;
NYPD: NYPD Stripes and text, Police front, Police rear, 911, car number
Sheriff: Sheriff Text and strips, County Sheriff rear
NYC Taxi; NYC logo, Checker stripes
Challengers; Tire lettering, Stripes (black version)


If any one wants to buy some I could probably do a run of casting if I had enough interest. I really haven't sat down and worked out costs but I'd hope something like £10 to £20 a car or maybe a pair of cars. Don't hold me too it I see what the interest is, email below

Also have a few spare hunchbacks for those interested

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  1. These cars look amazing.
    I've been searching for cars to add to my zombicide games for a little while, and am pretty keen to discuss an order.

    I'll email ya ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Good job on detailing ya cars here though - pics look great