Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Spend a penny do some planning save a pound of paint later

So lots of OSL (origin source light) in the Zombicide cars. Unlike mechs where any OSL would be passive there for quite subtle, on cars esp police cars the light are there to be seen so the OSL is going to be a big part of the character of the cars.

With so many cars its a complicated to work out what goes where and in what order. Especially the case with the police cars because they need both a subtle diffuse light for regular lights and  flared light for the emergency lights. And tbh its hard to remember where the fork everything needs to go went you have an airbrush in your hand.

So for this one a drew out a lighting plan. It'll help me masking up for stage 1 the lights glowing and where the OSL and flares goes for stage 2. Also what I'm looking at in terms of base colours which I have read you should make pretty much as dark as you can and all the colour comes from the highlights. I also have to remember to sparing use pure white which is going to be a pita for all the white lights :/

At this point I need to start offering my racing car driver excuses it really my first time painting anything that's meant to be a clear light, this much OSL, this many colours on models this small and (according to the google gods) red is meant to be the hardest colour by miles to look right. So no pressure then o-O

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