Saturday, 2 June 2012

5 Highlander orders placed

Good news! I've sold the fifth highlander today so I've placed an order for the casting supplies however it's a 4 day holiday in the UK due to the Queens jubilee so the supplies won't arrive till Wednesday BOO!

But i do have some of the mirror part (feet, ankles, Shoulders, right arm) already moulded so I'll get a head start casting those. I'm not 100% sure on a ETA but I should be shipping mechs by the end of the month (hopefully sooner).

For those who haven't ordered in time I will still take highlander orders I wont be able to cast any extras till some point late July since I'm moving house at the end of June.

Good news is the house has a workshop attached (I borrow one at the moment) and I'll be able to have all my tools in one place plus a few new tools they'll make modeling much easier for me. I just need time to set everything up and settle my family in.

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